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"Milano Calibro9", "Quelli della Calibro38", "Napoli Violenta", "Milano Trema: la Polizia vuole giustizia", "Roma a mano armata", "La Polizia ringrazia", "Il cinico, l'infame, il violento", "Il cittadino si ribella"... are only some of the movies that have inspired the authors and given birth to Calibro 70. A short film that is not only a tribute to those days but that also intends to reinterpret, with a bit of irony, a great cinema genre that has characterized the Italian movie scene of the 70’s: il poliziesco.


This genre, negatively recoined “Poliziottesco” by the critics back then, was born in a great production moment for the Italian Cinema scene (with highs of 300 movies a year). It was a time where Italian movies were internationally co-produced and often spread to the markets of many other countries.


A movie production system that Italy has unfortunately dropped quite a long time ago. Although they were perfectly aware of the great difficulties this challenge contemplated, due to the independent nature of the genre, Alessandro Rota and Ivan Fabio Perna write Calibro 70 with the clear intention to recreate certain moods, situations and characters. The Calibro 70 story was shorty defined by analyzing stories brought on screen by directors like Enzo G. Castellari, Umberto Lenzi, Massimo Dallamano and actors like Tomas Milian, Maurizio Merli , Franco Nero, Gastone Moschin.


Quite some time has gone by since the movie script was ready for the set. Scene after scene, difficulty after difficulty, bullet after bullet, Calibro 70 is finally complete and now viewable.

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